Banjo, punk and even turbo chanson. After the third song, you’ll know that you’re going to love them forever.

Poletíme? [roughly translated as “Shall we fly?”] emphasizes funny, poetic yet straightforward lyrics. They lightly tell stories of complicated or sad things, but still exude a colorful and cheerful mood, all flowing along to swift rhythms. At their concerts you will laugh, dance or feel a chill down your spine as their song describes your problem.

You will never be bored at a Poletíme? concert. You can be assured of this by visitors to clubs and festival goers at e.g. United Islands, Colours of Ostrava, Jam Rock, Rock for People, Trutnov and others.

Part of the reason is its unorthodox instrumentation, letting the band’s skills show in genres from punk to jazz. Band leader, banjo player, vocalist, lyricist and key personality of the band is artist Rudolf Brančovský. The artist’s untrained voice further damaged by smoking and drinking stands on the podium just as confident as some old captain of an ancient sailing vessel stoutly resolute to voyage around the world.  His crew is then made up of a quintet of sea wolves who know just what to do to make the trip around all the way back to port. Despite the fact that they mostly sail their ship over waters, these mariners have never given up hope of navigating it up to the skies!

Band-line up
Rudolf Brančovský – banjo, guitar, vocals
Jáchym Hájek – tube
Pavel Križovenský – saxofon, flute
Vojta Konečný – violin
Ondřej Hájek – piano
Vít Kraváček – bass guitar
Michal Jež – drums

2014 – Turbošansón
2012 – Kroskántry
2010 – Skupina dobře vypadajících mužů
2008 – Jednoduché písničky o složitém životě